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A blank canvas, history and a lot of personality.

Among the client's wishes for the new house, there were integrated spaces, which would allow having a painting studio in the living room, and also contemplating the sunset.

The biggest asset of the new apartment layout is the entrance to the master suite. We designed a large door and, when opened, it increases the perspective of the view of whoever is in the living room. With this intervention, we added the three windows, which allows the resident to admire the horizon and the sunset while sitting on the sofa.

Several original elements of the apartment were restored, such as the original wooden flooring, and others valued, such as the exposed concrete of the structures. In terms of furniture, examples of modernism found in antique shops stand out, such as the coffee and dining tables, made of rosewood, the high chairs and stools designed by Carlo Hauner and Martin Eisler for the iconic Forma store, famous in the heyday of the Brazilian modernism.

The result is a relaxing atmosphere with fluid spaces, which make up the perfect setting for the client to be inspired every day and white spaces to breathe to hang their canvases.



Category: Design and Decoration
Location: Jardins, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Area: 140m²
Conclusion: January 2022
Author: H2C Architecture
Collaborators: Helena Camargo, Victor Algranti, Aline Costa e 
João Campoli
Photos: Renato Navarro

Produced by: Nuria Uliana

Landscaping: Bruno Moreno Studio

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