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Designed to tell the story of the couple, which imagina um Brasil better for all Brazilians. A cor laranja simboliza o ideal de liberalismo e progresso remete a energia contagiante e the blue tones of the kitchen and laundry counterpoint the warm aura of the house.


The armchair Barcelona by Mies Van der Rohe, one of the favorite pieces that the resident brought on a trip after living in the city that gives the name to the piece.

In the curatorship of production os prints with references to Brazilian biodiversity, as well as the appreciation of Brazilian artisans with objects carved in wood and clay.

O espaço sóbrio e  aconchegante, a suíte do casal tem  lambril de wood for acoustic improvement and textures and colors em leather cushions and natural fabrics and to complete the rug from Turkey.


Category: Design and Decoration
Location: Berrini - SP | Brazil
Area: 140.00 m²
Conclusion: December 2016
Author: H2C Architecture
Contributors: Helena Camargo, Anuar Nabulsi, Larissa Sartori, Francesca Gastone

Producer: Vanessa Piccoli

Photos: Evelyn Muller


ByKamy, Codex, Luhome, Dpot Objects, Projeto Sertões, Elisa Atheniense, Marche Art de Vie, Mascataria, Selvvva, Store House.

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