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The "high-low" concept, which consists of mixing simpler and more affordable pieces with more sophisticated ones e "tailor-made", gave special bossa to the resident's apartment From Rio.

The continuous shelf in the living and dining room is a practical example of the application of this concept. By integrating into the design of the custom-made joinery, shelves and sideboards previously purchased from Tok&Stok.

Minimalist airs are everywhere, as the resident studied in London and brought from there  her taste for Scandinavian decor, with posters and objects bought in Europe. The Nordic lines are also present in the design of the kitchen cabinetry, which has few elements and layout rectilinear.

Carioca bossa appears in the two bathrooms with greenish colors that recall the tonality of the sea.


Category: Design and Decoration
Location: Pinheiros - SP | Brazil
Area: 86.11 m²
Conclusion: Abril 2017
Author: H2C Architecture
Contributors: Helena Camargo, Anuar Nabulsi, Larissa Sartori, François Caillat, Francesca Gastone

Producer: Vanessa Piccoli

Photos: Evelyn Muller


Bang Bang, ByKamy, Carbon, CODEX, Dpot Objects, Elisa Store, Atheniansva, Gallery

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