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The common area of the condomínio Enseada in Guarujá, a beach resort in São Paulo, could not be more generous. Atriums with double height ceilings and swimming pools facing the sea, the decoration sought to bring contemporary elegance with neutral and timeless tones.

The aesthetics of bamboo with its texture and color variation framed custom-designed panels to create indirect lighting scenarios and bring coziness to the large ballrooms.

The wood was applied in the social halls and pieces signed by Marcenaria Trancoso so bossa and beach air to the project.



Category: Real Estate Developments
Client: Praia Grande Construtora (PGC) & Phoenix Construtora
Location: Central Park,

Guarujá Cove - SP | Brazil
Conclusion: November 2011
Author: H2C Architecture
Partners: Suely Camargo
Photos: Maira Acayaba e Raul Fonseca

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