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The main proposal of the playground in Ibirapuera Park is to rescue the city and people's play through children. It would work as a laboratory for the creation and development of playful furniture and urban sculptures, using material from the city itself to insert into different spaces: schools, hospitals, public spaces on streets, sidewalks, squares and parks. Built from the looks, voices, desires, creations and needs of children through workshops led by designers, architects and artists. 

When children (re)create and playfully appropriate urban spaces and equipment, they use the city as the context for their games. We seek to learn with children and with their play to insert their looks and voices in the city, transforming it into a city context through play.


Category: Urbanism
Client: Secretaria do Verde e do Ambiente
Location: Ibirapuera Park, 

São Paulo - SP | Brazil
Area: 5,200m²
Conclusion: March 2015
Author: Colectivo Leve
3D Images: Anuar Naboulsi

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