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In the building named after Verdi's opera, music lives next door, on Teodoro Sampaio. 

In this effervescent urban context, the house becomes a refuge for welcoming and belonging.

The material chosen for the background is neutral: burnt cement, wood, handcrafted ceramics and hydraulic tiles, with pagination and color chosen by us.

The space houses memories of the resident's childhood, especially from the Waldorf school, and works with playful elements whose meaning and forms refer to nature and the city.

Among these we mention: the domus of the bathroom lights up at night like a firefly and the mirror designed by us, with the organic shapes of the openings of Sesc Pompéia.

A dive into travel stories such as the handle made of maçaramduba wood, a gift received on a visit to the Munduruku tribe, in the Amazon.


Category: Design and Decoration
Location: Pinheiros - SP | Brazil
Area: 65 m²
Conclusion: October 2019
Author: H2C Architecture
Collaborators: Helena Camargo, Larissa Sartori, Nicole Filipini, Julia Jobim.

Photos: Lufe Gomes

Suppliers: Mundi ethnicities, Bruno Moreno Studio, Futon Company and Tok&Stok


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