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More than a scenographic proposal for a specific city, this project is a new way of meeting the demands of SESC and the contemporary city. It is a construction system composed of scaffolding,  shoring of shapes and containers that can adapt to the most diverse demands of SESC in the most diverse territories. The proposed system is adaptable, multifunctional and sustainable, as it avoids the large waste of common raw material in temporary assemblies. 


Category: Institutional l Scenography
Client: SESC
Local:  Centro, São Paulo -_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- | Brazil
Area: 9,160m²
Author: Coletivo Leve: composed by Barão di Sarno, H2C Arquitetura, Superlimão Studio, Zoom Arquitetura, Vanessa Espindola.
3D Images: Colectivo Leve

Photos: Maira Acayaba

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