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The project was conceived by Coletivo Leve in collaboration with sociologist Nayana Brettas and a team from the NGO "Criança Fala", committed to listening to children   and inserting children's repertoire into spaces of the city, as part of the rescue of community life, making neighborhoods safer and more humane. 


In all, there were 2 years of coexistence and exchange of experiences between architects, urban planners, artists and designers with the children of the Glicério neighborhood in São Paulo. The methodology used in this process is widely studied and known worldwide by the term "place making". -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_study of daily flows, local habits, potential for transformation and improvement, and from this data collection, they collectively and collaboratively design urban solutions.



Category: Urbanism

Sponsor: Bernard Van Leer Foundation
Location: Glicério - SP | Brazil
Area: 1,000m²
Author: Coletivo Leve + Criança Fala
Contributors: Helena Camargo, Francesca Gastone, Larissa Sartori and Anuar Naboulsi
Partners: Gabriel Tilkian
3D Images: Larissa Sartori

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