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The SolBrasil stand designed for Salão Imobiliário São Paulo (Sisp), seeks to break paradigms: working with unusual and ecologically correct raw materials.


Cardboard reels are everywhere: furniture, structure, enclosures, model base, ceiling and mast. The project transforms the sensations of being on the beach in materials and colors: with the rusticity of cardboard, the preservation of nature of OSB boards, the heat of the sun on the portico in a vibrant yellow tone, the horizontal spans as large windows to the sea. Everything has been thought of! Including the use of reels at the end of the event that will be donated to make exclusive furniture.



Category: Real Estate Developments 
Client: SolBrasil Empreendimentos
Location: Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion, São Paulo - SP | Brazil
Area: 140m²
Conclusion: 2007
Author: H2C Arquitetura + Sérgio Cabral (Superlimão Studio)
Photos: Sérgio Cabral (Superlimão Studio)

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