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We could look into the most insidious concepts for a theme for Design Weekend! In order to justify ourselves, to have a firm, conceptual theme that would look beautiful. But beautiful and conceptual for whom? It would be empty, it would be an invented concept. So why not have a theme instead of-have it?! Don't worry, the theme for Design Weekend is not having a theme?! The answer is: DON'T FEAR! The #NÃOTEMA collective is inspired by the abundant raw material in Brazil and the Brazilian way of life. The simple solution that accompanies the Brazilian people so much, after all, beauty is in the simple, come more, DO NOT FEAR.



Category: Exhibition

Description: Furniture with factory waste

Piece: Arapuca Armchair
Location: Superlimão Studio, 

São Paulo - SP | Brazil
Conclusion: Design Weekend 2014
Producers: Coletivo #Nothema

Participants: H2C, Zoom Architecture, Metamorfose, Casa14 and Superlimão

Supporter: Contain -it
Photos: Sissy Eiko

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