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A horizontal residential condominium that privileges environmental comfort; with wide openings that receive natural light and ventilation,  mobile brises that filter the sun and generate indoor environments with great thermal comfort.

The internal courtyards, walkways and boulevards generate cross ventilation for the units and trace green paths for users.

The implantation favors the view of the surrounding Atlantic Forest and the neighboring golf course.

The two apartment blocks are joined by a common leisure area, which has a swimming pool in reddish tones, the shade of color complementary to the green, present around it.



Category: Design and Decoration
Client: Solbrasil Empreendimentos
Location: Riviera de São Lourenço,

Bertioga - SP | Brazil
Area: 13,729.12 m²
Author: H2C Arquitetura e JAA Arquitetos
Contributors: Tulio Abou Jokh,

Pedro Saban, Anuar Naboulsi,

Francesca Gastone, Denise Capalbo de Oliveira and Larissa Sartori 
3D Images: Arqui 300

Photographs: André Scarpa

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