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Rua dos Pinheiros has undergone a major transformation over the last few years, becoming one of the most active streets in the neighborhood.


Opening of the Fradique Coutinho station, yellow line, do metrô in 2014, boosted local commerce and multiplied the number of pedestrians walking along the sidewalks every day. However, this increase in the flow of people (both by car and on foot), generated busy intersections, such as at the corner of Rua Joaquim Antunes.


The crossing of pedestrians has become risky due to the intense flow of vehicles. Added to this, the street faces constant flooding, without adequate drainage of rainwater (ponds) which increases the risk of passersby.

Our urban intervention proposal takes into account the diagnosis made in loco and our experience for more than 5 years in the neighborhood. 


It introduces elements such as lighting poles suitable for pedestrians, signs to reduce the speed limit, guidelines suitable for people with disabilities and reduced mobility and the main element which is the raised crosswalk that forces drivers to slow down.


To solve the issue of drainage, we opted for rain gardens that, in addition to being pleasant for the urban landscape and for environmental and urban comfort, avoid ponding on the sidewalks.


Category: Urbanism
Location: R. dos Pinheiros x R. Joaquim Antunes

São Paulo - SP | Brazil
Author: H2C Architecture
Collaborators: Helena Camargo and

Anuar Naboulsi
3D Images: Anuar Naboulsi

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