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At the Livo Rio store (Barra Shopping) the starting point was to provide the customer with much more than just the shopping experience, the desire was to create ways to express a lifestyle.
In view of this concept, nothing was hidden: the stock is visible, the coffee is at hand, the WiFi is free, the armchairs and rugs invite to the space, the books can be read, the sources of inspiration are stamped on the paintings and in the form of stencil on the walls.
Without losing the brand's unmistakable DNA, the glasses are exposed one by one in floating cubes, reminiscent of a work of art, designed and manufactured as such.



Category: Commercial
Client: Livo Eyewear
Location: Av. of the Americas, Barra da Tijuca

Rio de Janeiro - RJ | Brazil
Area: 100m²
Conclusion: October 2014
Author: H2C Architecture
Collaborators: Helena Camargo and Ivo Borges
Photos: Raphael Costa Neves

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