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The partnership with the Hong Kong-based interior designer Layla Kawashi was a great one. The interior design  was conceived from Layla's cosmopolitan vision and the atmosphere of Soho's industrial lofts.

When we were invited to participate in this production, we looked for pieces by renowned Brazilian designers, such as the Jangada armchair by Jean Gillon.


This is the beginning of the partnership between the studio H2C São Paulo and Hong Kong.


Article Casa Vogue about the project:

"The decor is a mix of different styles and eras, from vintage to contemporary, but also picks up rustic and Scandinavian items. The hi-low combination of signed pieces, objects found in thrift stores or brought from travel is good for the couple's new story. The styling had the collaboration of Helena Camargo, from H2C Arquitetura"



Category: Design and Decoration
Location: São Paulo - SP | Brazil
Area: 109m²
Conclusion: November 2015
Author: Layla Kawashi (Hong Kong)
Production: H2C Architecture (São Paulo)
Photos: Maira Acayaba

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