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Project was conceived in collaboration with Start Up Bairro da Gente com Masterplan signed by Danish architect Jan Gehl, based on workshops with the community of Limeira. A participação do Gabriel Tilkian, Waldorf educator and motivator of playful practices, brought even more humanistic aspects throughout the process.


As a large playground, Parque da Criança is the main equipment prepared for children in Bairro da Gente. Even with spaces destined for them throughout the enterprise, it is in this place that the largest number of toys and activities are concentrated, mainly aimed at children up to 10 years old. Its proximity to the cultural center allows its connection to the open-air cinema projected on that equipment. It also allows articulation with activities aimed at all age groups  such as adults and seniors. The most important point in the development of this project was the understanding of human scales at different ages and the need for individuals to interact in this space, even though it is specific for children's use. 



Category: Urbanism

Client: Bairro da Gente
Local: Limeira - SP | Brazil
Area: 5,500m²
Author: H2C Architecture
Contributors: Helena Camargo, Francesca Gastone, Larissa Sartori and Anuar Naboulsi
Partners: Gabriel Tilkian
3D Images: Larissa Sartori

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