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Project proposal for a new concept of taxi ranks for Rua Oscar Freire. The idea came about due to the observation that the current taxi ranks, not only on Rua Oscar Freire but also in most of the city, are outdated and do not meet the needs of their regulars. As Rua Oscar Freire is an important reference of trends for the world, the new concept of taxi rank would add a new characteristic to its personality, enhancing its image and mainly proposing interaction and comfort, meeting the needs of taxi drivers and their passengers, being a point facing the city, which rescues the functionality lost by current models and bringing more life to the space.



Category: Urbanism
Client: Alof SP
Location: Rua Oscar Freire, 

São Paulo - SP | Brazil
Area: 4.15m²
Author: H2C Architecture
Collaborators: Helena Camargo, Anuar Naboulsi, Ricardo Horiuchi and Everton Penariol
Partners: Instituto Mobilidade Verde e Zoom Arquitetura
3D images: Ricardo Horiuchi and Everton Penariol

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