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We believe that a Pop Up store must have something more than a conventional store due to its ephemeral nature. In the Dafiti LIVE project, the fashion group with the largest online presence in the world. We decided to translate the duality that exists between the intangible (digital) and the tangible (analog). From the digital universe we brought the language of binary code, with the deconstruction of this archetype, the store's scenography emerged, whose focal point is the 3-meter lamp. in length developed in partnership with 80e8 design that has 24 repetitions of the "DAFITI" brand in the binary form represented by 0 and 1.



Category: Commercial
Client: Dafiti
Location: Rua Oscar Freire, 

São Paulo - SP | Brazil
Area: 375m²
Conclusion: March 2015
Author: H2C Architecture + Thomaz Bondiolli
Collaborators: Helena Camargo,

Anuar Naboulsi, Ricardo Horiuchi, Ivo Borges and Everton Penariol
Partners: LOTA Studio

Designers: 80e8 Design
Photos: Publicity

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