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Telling the story of Livo, a Brazilian brand of sunglasses and eyeglasses that was born in e-commerce, was the challenge of the 2014 summer season. exhibition of photos and raw material in its raw state: acetate, lenses, molds for the frames...The temporary furniture consists of an eyewear display designed for the brand, stacked pallets, folding cardboard armchairs, luminous pendants made with glasses disposable and showcase in overlapping concrete blocks. We translated its logo in a composition of fluorescent lamps fixed in a yellow cube that aroused the eyes of the busy Oscar Freire.



Category: Commercial
Client: Livo Eyewear
Location: Rua Oscar Freire, 

São Paulo - SP | Brazil
Area: 80m²
Conclusion: January 2014
Author: H2C Arquitetura + Lota Design 
Collaborators: Helena Camargo, Anuar Naboulsi, Ivo Borges, Juliana Vital and

Vitor Campilongo
Partners: Thomaz Bondiolli and Sérgio Cabral
Photos: Maira Acayaba

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