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Passage of about 5,000 passengers daily Congonhas airport is one of the most used urban infrastructures in the city of São Paulo. When designing the square of congonhas articulau-se  the spaces of fluidity and universal accessibility to the project, with islands of permanence and contemplation. The floor layout prevailed as a layer of flows and pedestrian paths. The volumetric created favors current engineering techniques with metallic structure and CLT closures, which allow assembly and disassembly of parts with little interference in the site.


Category: Design and Decoration
Location: Rua dos Pinheiros | Brazil
Conclusion: July 2017
Authorship: H2C Architecture + Marco Artigas
Contributors: Helena Camargo, Anuar Nabulsi, Larissa Sartori, François Caillat, Francesca Gastone and Marco Artigas

Complementary Projects:

Landscaping: Sapu

Visual Communication: João Nitsche

Accessibility: Eliana Trevisan

Lighting: Focus Lighting

Metal Structure: KF

Foundations: Portella & Allarcon

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