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Ed's interior design. Reserva da Mata was challenging, with more than 20 environments and themes for all ages: cinema, gym, indoor pool, outdoor pool, games room for adults and young people, toy library, spa, among others.


The H2C team was responsible for the entire project, coating specifications, lighting, carpentry details  and for the implementation of all furniture, equipment and production of the environments.


The concept adopted in this project favored local commerce with many bamboo panels manufactured by the supplier in the region and low-cost solutions with great visual impact.


Some specific elements such as lamps and trays bear the signature of Estúdio Superlimão, in the statement for the appreciation of Brazilian authorial design.


Category: Real Estate Developments
Client: Praia Grande Construtora (PGC) & Zenithal Construtora
Location: Riviera de São Lourenço,

Bertioga - SP | Brazil
Area: 5,000m²
Conclusion: January 2011
Author: H2C Architecture
Contributors: Helena Camargo, 

Heloisa Camargo, Tulio Abou Jokh e 

Pedro Saban 
Partners: Suely Camargo
Photos: Maíra Acayaba

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