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Founded by Helena Carmargo, H2C was born in 2006, with some missions: to offer creative and avant-garde solutions by using architecture as a facilitator of human relationships.


Keeping an eye on the debate on public space and the demands of contemporary society, our professionals assume that nothing is built alone.


To this end, the firm has collaborations in its DNA; anthropologists, designers, journalists, architects from Brazil and the world, by designing the space with the involvement of the local community; in order to build a dialogue between people.


With that in mind, in 2013, the office was one of those responsible for developing the parklets project, changing the way people from São Paulo see and interact with the city and its space. 

In 2015, we were invited to develop the restoration project for the Passarela de Congonhas in partnership with Arq. Marco Artigas, which aims to preserve the memory of the concrete structure, designed by the acclaimed Arq. Vilanova Artigas, and bring improvements in accessibility and environmental comfort to the urban environment. Our proposal brings coverage, lighting and elevators; added to this a public square with furniture, trees, restrooms and awning.

In 2017, we led the design team in partnership with real estate engineers in Hong Kong where we participated in the ULI competition sponsored by Swire Properties, a British developer, to redesign the Wanchai neighborhood.

In addition to partnerships, H2C architecture focuses on technology. Therefore, we present our ideas and solutions in augmented reality glasses and with the resource of the 3D printer, which expand the sensorial perceptions of the projects and facilitate the understanding of the whole. 



João Serejo

Karen Schepselevitz

Livia Rosatto

Victor Algranti


​Aline Costa

Aline Lima

Amanda Wensko

André Mack

Antonio Sampaio de Freitas

Anuar Naboulsi

​Everton Penariol

Fernando Ferri

Francesca Gastone

Francois Caillat

Ivo Branco Borges

João baptistella

​João Campoli

Julia Jobim

Julia Totti

Juliana Vital

Larissa Sartori

Luiza Estefan

Nicole Filipini

Pedro Saban

Simone Dias

Tulio  Abou Jokh

Viviane Pompeo

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