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One of our design features is the creation of a public square with urban furniture such as benches and deck chairs, as well as vegetation, that links Sun Street’s shops and restaurants (on upper ground floor) to Wing Fung Street (on lower ground floor) by means of lifts and escalators. Visually, the design will open up a vista to Moon Street, becoming an entry portico, like an invitation to the charming historic area in the vicinity of the plot. Moreover, Moon St. will be revitalized with landscaping and furniture, also by designing a continuous patern.
Today as seen in the photo there is no connections, the vision is blocked by the existing building.

Ficha técnica:

Categoria: Concurso / Competition

Local: Star Street, Hong Kong
Área: 8.152,35m²
Conclusão: Outubro 2017
Autoria: Helena Camargo e Francesca Gastone 
Colaboradores: Anuar Naboulsi, Larissa Sartori e François Caillat
Imagens 3D: H2C Arquitetura

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