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National public architectural competition, where our concept was to think of the university student as alguém que está immersing themselves in a theoretical world of possibilities.


Throughout his course, he will walk paths to better understand the problems of the world and their potential solutions. How to conceive a student housing project that serves as a daily basis for this theoretical exercise, which is so important to understand and solve the world's problems? It is with this challenge in mind that we present the Learning and Living project – The City as an Educational Platform.

In this sense, the fact that the land is already used by the surrounding population as a leisure and recreation area is an advantage. We want to reinforce this feeling of belonging with a scale of ownership by those who travel through the region. Ultimately, with the Learning and Living project - The City as an Educational Platform, we want to create a link between students and the surrounding residents, that is, between the university and the city.


Category: Contest
Local: Osasco - SP | Brazil
Area: 8,152.35m²
Conclusion: January 2015
Authorship: Guilherme Gambier Ortenbland
Co-authors: Alex de Brito Ninomia,

Ana Carolina Correia de Lima,

Anuar Naboulsi, Helena Camargo,

Mariane Christovam Takahashi e 

Tiago Martinelli Lourenzi
Collaborators: Everton Silva Penariol, Kathleen Martini Chiang, Luana Pedrosa, Juliana Vital, Ricardo Horiuchi de Oliveira, Rosa Clara Bezerra Alves and

Tadeu Kendy de Oliveira Omae
3D Images: Zoom Urbanism

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