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Wood, the predominant material in this apartment, brought acoustic qualities and a welcoming feeling.  

With a cosmopolitan air, in this address the French and Japanese cultures mix with the laid-back Brazilian decor. In the detail of the minimalist boiserie that frames engravings with Burle Marx graphics. By paying attention to the design of the man with striking oriental lines and boxes covered with Indian straw.

To tell the story of the Brazilian family with Portuguese descent, the first pioneers of wild Brazil; We invested in indigenous basketry and in the works of artists and artisans from the Sertões project, which maps almost extinct regional manual techniques.  

By creating an identity with our land, the chosen furniture and artworks bring meaning to the project, they are all authored by Brazilian designers such as Gean Jillon, Sérgio Rodrigues, Maria Bonomi, Alfredo Volpi, Jader Almeida and 80e8 studio.


Category: Design and Decoration
Location: Alto da Lapa - SP | Brazil
Area: 115.65 m²
Conclusion: Abril 2017
Author: H2C Architecture
Contributors: Helena Camargo, Anuar Nabulsi, Larissa Sartori, François Caillat

Producer: Vanessa Piccoli

Photos: Evelyn Muller

Partners: Projeto Sertões, ByKamy,  Carbono, CODEX, Dpot Objects, Elisa Atheniense, Marche Art de Vie, Selvvva and Store House

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