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When the architects of H2C and ZOOM took over the design of this project, the architectural block had already been resolved and approved by the Public bodies; it was then enough to reconstruct it in color. Through the use of colors, the abstraction of the openings in the facade was sought, the rupture with the effect of symmetry and the negation of monotony. A dynamism was created in the arrangement of elements both on the facade and in the interior design.


Category: Real Estate Developments
Client: Borges Fonseca Engenharia
Location: Taboão da Serra - SP | Brazil
Area: 323.20m²
Author: H2C Architecture &Zoom Architecture
Collaborators: Helena Camargo,

Renata Kuntz, Anuar Naboulsi and Ivo Borges
Partners: Zoom Arquitetura 
3D Images: Flying Studio

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