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"Everyday Performance Mencare", the brand's communication phrase denotes an in-depth understanding of the male universe and its needs. This stance of the brand inspired us to create an environment with a scientific bias to show its high performance proposal when developing products and packaging.


The white tile covering brings the man  closer to the home environment, but specifically the bathroom,  cenário where everyday life happens.  


Bringing customers and brands closer through the language of space is one of H2C Arquitetura's expertises, bringing a sincere and intimate dialogue between the consumer and the object of desire to be consumed is what moves us.


Category: Commercial
Client: Dr. Jones
Location: Morumbi Shopping

São Paulo - SP | Brazil
Area: 9m²
Conclusion: March 2016
Author: H2C Architecture
Contributors: Helena Camargo, Anuar Naboulsi and François Caillat
photos: collection

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