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The house is part of the set of semi-detached houses in Pinheiros, São Paulo. the project of restoration considered the original volume of the set as a starting point.

The premise of preserving the existing guava tree suggested the creation of an internal courtyard. THE spatial organization took place through the definition of continuous circulation between stairs and catwalk in metallic structure.

The proposal exposes the bricks and the original roof, shifts the level of the slab and increases the ceiling height at the main entrance, through the use of precast concrete slabs.

The street façade is revealed in two distinct panels, one in translucent glass with permeability and visual connection with the inner courtyard, another smooth, through the use of polycarbonate sheets, the volumes and internal shadows are revealed, subtle contours that guarantee some privacy to the mezzanine.

The furniture, in turn, was designed to measure in order to guarantee the greatest flexibility of uses, with fitting pieces that can be connected to each other and form multiple compositions.


Category: Commercial
Client: Guava Urbana
Location: Rua dos Pinheiros,

São Paulo - SP | Brazil
Area: 120m²
Conclusion: November 2017
Author: H2C Architecture
Collaborators: Helena Camargo, François Caillat, Larissa Sartori, Anuar Naboulsi and João Baptistella
Photos: H2C Architecture

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