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The elegance of Vito product packaging inspired us to create minimalist shapes and illuminated volumes. The versatility of volumetric compositions is achieved through fittings in the main body of the kiosk.

The chromatic study was sensitive to the brand's desire to offer solutions for colored accessories, that is, the absence of colors (black) in the kiosk was sought, as a neutral platform, to highlight the products.

The partnership with designer Luiz Otávio from Projetta studio was fundamental during the development of this project as he is the creator of the entire logo and packaging aesthetics. 


Category: Commercial
Location: Iguatemi SP
Area: 10m²
Conclusion: Abril 2017
Authorship: H2C Architecture + Projetta Studio
Collaborators: Helena Camargo, Anuar Nabulsi, João Baptistella and François Caillat

Photos: client collection

3D Images: Anuar Naboulsi

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